Highway and Expressway

Constructing highways and expressways is crucial since a numerous volume of the transportation of the intracity and intercity vehicles in today's modern world is carried out through highways and expressways. This field can provide road facilities, enable high speed of movement, as well as full health and safety during transportation. The specialized road and urban planning holding have a brilliant and well-known background in executing great highway and expressway projects all over the country. This holding has executed more than 800 km of highways in the country to develop and rebuild our beloved country.

Intra-city Railway

Taking into account the destructive effects of greenhouse gases and the environmental problems caused by the spread of these pollutants, plus the non-renewable nature of fossil fuels it is crucially important to reduce the use of these energy resources. Given that, the railroad is regarded as a fully efficient mechanism concerning intercity transportation in developed countries and the majority of developing countries. Taking into account that this country has lagged behind in this regard, on account of its previous successful experiences, as well as enjoying proper equipment, the specialized road and urban planning holding started working in this trend and has been involved in establishing more than 4000 km of completed railroads, and in-progress railroads.

Main and Side Roads

The road is one of the major and quite crucial indices of development, a vital platform of bonding the thoughts and cultures throughout history, and the most important path of communication between various nations and tribes. Despite the development of technology and the prevalence of modern transportation methods, the road is still the most common and easy method to transport commodities and passengers all around the world. Having a brilliant and well-known background in the field of the main road and side road construction, he specialized road and urban planning holding operates in this regard to save national resources, reduce the time of travel, reduce energy and fuel consumption, improve transportation safety and reduce the accidents, and improve the traffic and transportation status.

Urban and Suburban Subway

Public transportation is a quite cubical issue in regard to transportation. The major part of this section pertains to the subway. Since this vehicle is one of the significant solutions for the problems of traffic and air pollution in the world. Besides, the advantages of the subway include reducing driving accidents, reducing energy consumption, increasing the traveling speed, as well as enjoying a reasonable price. This holding is a pioneer in executing intercity railway in the country, and at the same time, it has been successful in executing the urban and suburban subway, which seeks to develop sustainable urban development.


Nowadays on account of their numerous advantages, tunnels play a pivotal role in the transportation industry, some of which are as follows: Shorten the routes, increase traffic efficiency, improve the geometrical properties of the route, prevent landslides and avalanches, provide more safety in regard to earthquake, etc.

The specialized road and urban planning holding uses the drilling and blasting equipment and machinery. This holding has been the executive of more than 20 km of the intracity transportation tunnels and more than 150 km intercity transportation tunnels in the country. This holding has constructed the longest highway tunnel, with a length of 3300 m in the Arak-Khorram Abad highway, as well as the longest railroad tunnel, with a length of 4445 m in the Doroud-Khorram Abad railroad project.


Bridges and interchanges are numbered among the most important urban infrastructures. The specialized road and urban planning holding cooperated with the municipalities of the country and took measures to reduce traffic and increase the urban equipment in this regard and its accomplished successful operations in this field. 


The specialized road and urban planning holding has a long background of constructing heavy-material and special buildings. Currently, this holding is working on great projects with the help of its specialists and previous experiences.