Achievements of the Specialized Petroleum, Gas and Petrochemicals Holding

Providing assistant to the government in constructing the country regarding the approach of maintaining achievements of the Revolution

Strengthening the contractors of the private sector and using their potential to execute various parts

Proposing modern innovations in the field of commissioning, constructing, and supplying commodities and engineering the refinery

Setting new records in the field of refinery construction

Supplying the increasing demand for natural gas to improve people’s welfare and comfort

Reducing natural gas import to the country to improve the self-sufficiency and accomplish resistance economy

Creating jobs with regard to the endogenous development of the country

Accomplishing the motto of “we can” and raising the motivation, self-esteem, hope, and happiness in society

Breaking  the deadlock and putting an end to the monopoly in executing projects, plus cutting the influence of the foreigners from executing them

Recoding the experiences and the technical knowledge via publishing several specialized books and articles in the scientific and technical fields to accelerate the country’s scientific growth

Fulfilling the macro-policies of the resistance economy concerning increasing the export of gas, plus expanding the capacity of oil and gas production, especially in the common fields

Providing a successful religious, revolutionary, and Jihadi example in executing projects following the motto of “speed, quality, and reasonable cost of projects”.

Promoting and reviving the industrial and economic production in the region and the country

Enhancing the added-value of the energy resources and completing the chain value of the gas industry of the country

Localizing the construction of refineries, strengthening and improving the scientific and technical stamina of the country in this regard

Providing assistance in designing and manufacturing the majority of parts required for the construction of refineries in the country

Displaying the elegance of the Islamic System and proving its efficiency

In addition, four subcategories of the specialized petroleum, gas, and petrochemicals holding ranked first in the field of petroleum and gas, plus the holding obtained the certificate for the competency in exploration and production (E&P).