background of the Specialized Petroleum, Gas and Petrochemicals Holding

With respect to the Principles 147 and 150 of the Constitution and regarding the instruction of the participation of IRGC in the country’s development program, plus from 1998-99 and upon obtaining the permit from the supreme commander in 03/02/1999, Khatam al-Anbiya Construction Headquarter officially started its activity in the oil, gas, and petrochemicals projects of the country. This headquarter developed the country’s self-esteem and accomplished the motto of “we can” via breaking the sanctions and in accordance with the clear indicators of the resistance economy through designing, supplying the commodities, and executing the key oil and gas projects.

The bright background of executing the enormous national projects that affected the country’s economy in the upstream fields of oil and gas includes the studies regarding the fields, explorations, drilling in the sea and on the land. In the midstream field, it comprises transition lines, pumping stations, pressure change stations. In the downstream, it consists of process installations, gas, and oil processing, and enabled Ghorb to be a great and active complex in the invaluable oil and gas chain in the country.

Following the path of the successful and leading global companies, according to the valid international standards to remove the parallel activities and develop the synergy, plus to improve the level of exploitation, Khatam al-Anbiya Construction Headquarter aggregated the active complexes in the field of oil, gas, and petrochemicals and established the petroleum, gas and petrochemicals holding as its specialized holding in 2018-19. 

 This holding comprises institutions and companies with valuable experiences and utilizes the knowledge of human resources. Besides, it possesses exploration and seismic equipment and machinery, oil and gas drilling rig in the sea and on the land, factories for manufacturing jacket, ships, platforms, and marine installations, special equipment for transferring and installing super heavy marine platforms, pipe laying vessels, marine logistic, helicopter fleet, plus it covers the chain of upstream, midstream, and downstream of petroleum, gas and petrochemicals industry. Accordingly, this complex has executed disparate projects enjoying the abovementioned items.

These projects lead to the following impressive results:

•Resolving the country’s needs and its dependence on gas, especially in the cold seasons;

•Laying the grounds to supply the feedstock required for petrochemicals and downstream industry to prevent selling raw materials and develop job creation 

•Accomplishing self-sufficiency in importing petrol and laying the grounds for exporting this product; 

•Developing the national independence in executing oil and gas projects and putting an end to the dependence of the country to the presence of foreign companies and contractors;

•Improving the contracting industry of the country through employing and supporting domestic design, construction, and execution contractors;

•Helping national economy, social welfare, and job creation (especially for residents of regions where the projects are executed);

•Protecting Hydrocarbons resources, as well as oil and gas reserves of the country (especially common fields);

To accomplish the objectives of the Supreme Leader, fulfill the great mission of the IRGC to execute the statement of the second step of the Revolution (approaching the Fajr Decade and after one year from its issuance), and to play a unique role in society to carry through the 8-Article command by Imam Khamenei to develop IRGC to its fullest, today the petroleum, gas and petrochemicals holding is ready to manage and execute greater missions more determined, influential, and fundamental than a contractor.