Records and Achievements

Marine Structures Field:

Managing more than 15 mines simultaneously with an approximate distance of 300 km to supply breakwater stone sources.

Manufacturing, separating, transporting, and establishing 20000 tonnes of breakwater stone materials in one day and night

Conducting the daily progress of 4 m in the execution of the stone breakwater in the sea with a depth of greater than 32 m

Designing and executing the longest concrete port close to the coast including 6 posts and the cumulative length of1800 m

Achieving the potential and technology of monopile hammer with a diameter of 85 inches, a length of 51 m, the weight of 112 tones in deep waters for the first time in Iran.

Hammering 4 piles, with a diameter of 56 inches and a length of 48 m in a working shift through the sea

Installing 10 QL concrete blocks, with a weight of 120 tones in the -18 m depth from the CD level in a working shift

Manufacturing and executing marine projects in the 1.100 m3 per day

Carrying out metal pile hammer with a cumulative diameter of 56 inches up to a length of 500 m within a day and night

Performing the hammer of seventeen 56-inch metal piles in wafts 8 and 9 of the service port in a working shift

Drilling, cage installment, and concrete casting of 10 piles per day

Dredging 20,000 m3 of the construction materials in Shaid Rajaee port within 24 hours using completely Iranian manpower

Installing 56 QL concrete blocks, with a weight of 40 to 87 tones in the -18 m to +2.5 depth from the CD level within a working shift

Constructing, transporting via the sea, and installing 36 caissons with the dimensions of 17*30*21 m, and each weighted at 5400 tonnes, and 30 caissons with the dimensions of 17*30*14 and each weighted at 3700 tones in the 38 m depth in the water during the project

Designing and establishing 4 fully mechanized warehouses, each bearing a capacity of 43000 tones and with an area of 13000 m2, equipped with ship loader with a capacity of discharging 1000 tones per hour in the Pars and Tonbak service ports.


Field of Installing Heavy Structures:

The first and only company rendering Heavy lift engineering services

The first Heavy Lift company in Iran holding the international certificate of IMS 

The holder of the record of unloading and installing the heaviest refinery transporters in the country, weighed 930 tonnes, Morvarid petrochemicals

Installation of the separating tower of the PGSOC, with a weight of 670 tonnes and with a height of 68 m by three super-heavy cranes following the asymmetrical tandem lift for the first time in the world

The top institution in terms of repair and maintaining quality in 2014-15 in the Khatam al-Anbiya Construction Headquarter 

Installation of the tallest flare in the country with a height of 137 m in the PGSOC

Achievement of the record of the most number of hours worked (one million, eight-thousand person/hours) without any accident

More than 130,000 tones of lifting operations without any accident

The employment of the most proficient specialized manpower in the field of superheavy unloading

The use of the latest methods and software pertinent to super heavy unloading

The capability to provide specialized training in the field of superheavy unloading

The only institution in the Headquarter to implement and use the CMMS system, etc.