Major Strategies

Emphasizing the strategic motto, i.e. “the sea is the axis of development”, to accomplish the announced policies, as well as the resistance economy component through developing the capacities and capabilities of the Headquarter in the marine field. 

Developing specialized activities such as installing heavy and super-heavy equipment, dredging, executing the marine structures to remove the dependence on foreign companies.  

Empowering and developing the marine transportation activities and taking out sunken goods (salvage operations)

Increasing the container capacity, mineral bulk, and loading capacity of ports of the country

Modifying the system of exploiting the specialized machinery and equipment, and increasing their productivity 

Attracting, educating, and maintaining specialized and committed manpower in the marine division 

Promoting and improving the security, health, and environmental performance 

Promoting the level of technologies, taking measures to obtain the highest standards and executive methods, designing and executing the projects, plus recording and publishing the knowledge acquired from these experiences (managing knowledge and publications)