Significance of Mine and Industry in Iran

On account of the emphasis of the Supreme Leader  (May he live a long life) in activating the mine and industry sector, and the proper exploitation of these capacities clarified the necessity of operating in this field to the executive organizations and the respective authorities. The significance of the missions assigned to this holding can be realized taking into account the country’s high capacity of valuable mineral resources (Iran is included in the top 10 countries with regard to the diversity and the top 20 countries concerning the definite mineral resources), its ability to reduce the effect of international sanctions in the economic war, generating science and technology in mines and mineral industries, as well as national and international predictions of a bright future for the mineral industries and a special view at its effects on the job development in the country.

Accomplishing the goals of the Supreme Leader (May he live a long life) regarding the reduction of dependence on oil with developing the mine and industry sector;

Fulfilling the general policies of the mines sector announced by the Supreme Leader (May he live a long life); 

Increasing the job creation rate, especially in deprived regions of the country;

Increasing the share of the mines sector from the gross domestic product of the country;

Reducing selling raw materials and transforming minerals into matters with higher added-value;

Excavating and extracting strategic minerals and rare earth elements;

Investing or attracting capital to develop strategic mines of the country.