Major Strategies

Removing bottlenecks of the country in the field of industry, mine, and mineral industry emphasizing the knowledge-based plans;

Emphasizing the holding industry on the mineral industries and equipment required for completing the chain of value of petrochemicals and mineral products of the country;

Developing the mineral activities and mineral industries with competitive advantages to create sustainable jobs prioritizing the deprived and less developed regions;

Developing the industrial activities to expand the domestic infrastructures and resolving the requirements of projects;

Employing the latest technologies in the field of mine and industry in the world, plus localizing and using them in the country;

Avoiding selling raw materials via holding’s involvement in the downstream industries, processing minerals, investing in creating mine chain branches and mineral industries enjoying modern technologies;

Creating balance in the chain value of products and minerals manufactured by the holding;

Mechanizing the mineral activities to reduce the cost of production and increase the quality of materials;

Correcting the system of exploiting the specialized machinery and equipment, and increasing productivity;

Revising the holding’ human resources management system following the approach of attracting and preserving efficient and elite manpower, as well as  succession planning;

Creating an integrated and targeted system to develop exploring and developing the basic information to reduce the risk coefficient in investing and increasing the participation motivation using expert and specialized individuals

Completing prospecting criteria, exploring via observing the international standards, as well as creating a reliable data bank and guaranteeing the restoring amount

Developing the activities of the holding concerning deep explorations using a combination of core drilling and reverse circulation drilling

Creating diversity in the minerals exploratory activities such as exploring and processing antimony, titanium, chromite, rare earth elements, low-grade ironstone, extracting brine phosphate, exploring and extracting strategic minerals