Records and Achievements

Designing more than 400 km of long water transition tunnels 

Designing more than 6000 km of water transition lines 

Localizing the knowledge of designing dams and registering a patent regarding precision instruments 

Developing the ability to design the stormwater drainage network

Designing hundreds of kilometers of highways and expressways in the country

Designing more than 2000 km of intercity railways 

Designing more than 250 km of intracity railways (subway) 

Conducting studies and designing mines in the country

Designing deep underground mines

Enjoying the ability to design the greatest and most complicated engineering designs (special buildings and space structures)

Conducting studies and designing important ports, breakwaters, and wafts of the country

Localizing the passive defense knowledge

Designing oil and gas refinery 

Designing great complexes for gas condensate in the country 

Designing petrochemical complexes

Designing warehouses and storage tanks 

Designing reservoirs in the country

Designing more than 4000 km of gas transition pipelines

Renovating and improving oil platforms 

Carrying out marine and land Geotechniques including more than 2500 m drilling in the mine explorations, exploratory drilling in the sea with a depth of 60 m, exploratory drilling in the impassable mountains down to the depth of 500 m

Translating and composing 190 specialized books

Publishing more than 1750 articles