Trends and fields of activity of social, cultural, and agricultural affairs:


Rural road - rural bridge - rural water supply - rural power supply - dam construction - breakwater - dredging canals - buildings - mosque - Ḥosayniya - schools for deprived regions - Alem house - Healthcare center - sports facilities - cultural complex - housing for deprived people - public baths - Martyr's Monuments


A: Supportive

Livelihood packages - dowry - stationary - healthcare packages - clothing packages - equipping mosques and schools - equipping resistance bases - dispatching pilgrimage convoys - cultural programs – providing support to hold memorials for martyrs, etc.

B: Job Creation

Creating and equipping sewing workshops - carpet weaving - handicrafts - drying fruits - breeding quails - ostriches - breeding small and large livestock - creating small greenhouses, home-based businesses, etc.

C: Agricultural

Land leveling - land preparation - surface and subsurface irrigation (sprinkler and drip irrigation) - access roads - water and power transition lines - well drilling and equipping - building small and large greenhouses - commissioning farming joint-stock companies and rural production cooperatives - establishing silos to store agricultural products - water storage pools

D: Future Horizons of Agriculture

Cultivating salt-tolerant plants (Salicornia, Soeda, Quinoa, Opuntia basilaris, Kochia, etc.) - developing modern irrigation networks - exploiting native modified seeds - developing and finalizing the production/consumption chain - developing cultivation and processing medicinal plants - developing modern systems of farming aquatic animals - developing animal husbandry - developing desert greening

C: Fortuitous Events:

Earthquake - Flood - Landslide - Snowing - Etc.