Background and Importance of Social, Cultural, and Agricultural Affairs

The Islamic revolution cut the influence of enemies, which in turn prompted conspiracy and malicious intentions of the tyrant and hegemonic countries in every field towards the Islamic Republic of Iran. Their conspiracies notoriously grew larger over time. Western countries, always hegemonic at heart, spared no efforts to further their unlawful goals and seize every opportunity to challenge the goals and ideals of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. Deprived regions and the borderlands with their special cultural, economic, and social properties are tempting targets of enemies, which they are counting on them to sabotage the Revolution. It is only logical to disappoint the enemies regarding the depth of domestic divisions and create sustainable security through executing civil, cultural, educational, and relief actions, and provide the residents of these regions to benefit from the aforesaid centers as a public utility to disappoint the enemies.

The impressive work in this field and rendering services to the deprived class gains Divine satisfaction and comforts people of those regions, plus it helps fight enemies that is a crucial strategy in the soft war.

Islam advises to help the poor and the underprivileged, plus Imam Khomeini and Imam Khamenei’s objectives regarding helping the poor and the underprivileged indicate the necessity of an organizational structure that undertook the mission to accomplish these objectives. Therefore, the Department of Social, Cultural, and Agricultural Affairs was established in the Khatam al-Anbiya Construction Headquarter in 2008-09 pursuing this objective to eliminate deprivation, maintain sustainable security and strengthen the internal infrastructure in the sensitive and deprived regions, as well as the borderlands.

The IRGC is one of the greatest governmental and public institutions in the country, which has a remarkable capacity to work in various fields since not only does it enjoys a great geographical spread all over the country, which is carried out via spreading Basij force in all urban and rural regions, but also it comprises a variety of missions, countless affiliated individuals with different ranks among disparate classes and guilds, as well as different subjects.

In light of that, IRGC as a hindering force with a concentration on civil defense training is a multipurpose organization that operates in all fields, which is one of the main needs of this country. Therefore, the scope of expectations of IRGC should be defined and specified proportionate to these capabilities.

Operating in the field of construction and elimination of deprivation is numbered among the tens and might be hundreds of issues, which are currently the most important missions of IRGC since this is one of the main mottoes of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Despite the fact that obstacles and various factors such as the imposed war hindered the accomplishment of this objective, it is still the main concentration of this organization considering that the problems regarding multifaceted development, especially rural development, comprise a large percentage of the country's requirements.

As already mentioned, rural development enjoyed qualitative and quantitative improvements in various fields, some of which include water supply, power supply, rural road, and many other subjects such as the development of telecommunication, health, education, etc. However, taking into account various factors such as considerable costs incurred by imposed war, the tremendous growth of population, the increase of the number of immigrants, and so forth, this organization has a long way ahead to accomplish all these goals and it can be achieved merely via serious and reciprocal participation of people and government, as well as a revolutionary movement by IRGC and Basij.

One of the essential measures that should be taken regarding the subject of construction and elimination of deprivation is to provide a clear definition of the components and words pertaining to this field to enable providing the preparations and conditions to carry out this job as a specific and targeted program.