Significance of the Specialized Road and Urban Planning Holding

One of the most important indicators of the strategic development of every country is its transportation industry, which is an underlying and necessary industry for the development of other economic issues. 

Even though transportation is not the only factor of development and economic growth is attributable to many other factors, transportation is a key element in the economic development of a country. Transportation influences every economic activity such as industry and mine, agriculture, services, tourism, etc. 

However, investment in transportation requires tremendous expenses and the countries have no choice but to pay these costs to remove the obstacles and bottlenecks in transportation.

In addition to its economic significance, its effects on improving the national economic status, and improving the livelihood of every single individual in a society, transportation exerts socio-cultural effects such as effects on education, health, culture, tourism, pilgrimage, etc. 

Therefore, to improve the living standards and the quality of social life, it is essential to consider developing transportation, especially with regard to its aspects as a public utility. Given that, it meets society’s requests regarding access to education and culture, social and sports activities, etc. 

Therefore, to accomplish their goals in this field, as well as the macro policies of the country regarding transportation, the specialized road and urban planning holding started their operation under Divine auspices, plus they seek to develop the urban planning services at the same time as well.