Background of the Specialized Road and Urban Planning Holding

Following the I.R.IRAN Constitution regarding the participation of the armed forces in the economic and developmental activities of the country, with the confirmation of the Supreme Leader (May he live a long life) and the supreme commander regarding the participation of IRGC in the construction affairs of the country, plus to accomplish the economic, social, and cultural development programs of the I.R. IRAN Government, the specialized road and urban planning holding is the largest complex of the Khatam al-Anbiya Construction Headquarter started their work under the title of Karbala Construction Headquarter in a time of peace in 1989 as a contractor or program executive. Having relied on their engineering potential and experiences during the period of the Holy Defense, they started their work in the field of construction affairs of the country in disparate trends such as transportation, dam and network, transition lines, mineral industries, buildings, etc.   On account of the structural and specialized changes in the specialized groups of Khatam al-Anbiya Construction Headquarter in 2018-19, this headquarter changed their name from Karbala Construction Headquarter into Specialized Road and Urban Planning Holding. This holding enjoys disparate executive institutions, employs tens of thousands of committed and specialized employees, exploits various types of heavy, semi-heavy, and light machinery, specialized and modern equipment, plus it gained knowledge and experience from completing more than hundreds of important projects all over the country. Accordingly, this Holding is a pioneer in construction affairs due to almost three decades working in this field with the honor and authority in developing and rebuilding the country in various trends regarding transportation such as highways, inter-city railway, connective tunnels, bridges, urban interchanges, urban and suburban subway, special buildings, hospitals, etc. 

The specialized road and urban planning holding took measures to obtain the standards of ISO10015, ISO9001, ISO21500, ISO45001, and ISO9001 and workplace organization system to use the quality management systems, preserve and promote the competitive advantage, plus to continuously improve their internal systems. Over the recent years, this holding obtained the certificates for these standards and improved the quality orientation in the organization.

Having operated continuously and effectively for almost three decades and executed hundreds of national projects all over the country, the specialized road and urban planning holding demonstrated their capabilities in the following trends.

Highway and Expressway

Intra-city Railway

Urban and Suburban subway

Connective tunnels

Main roads

Bridges and interchanges


Special buildings