A book from the selections of the achievements concerning research, development, and self-sufficiency

Despite the cruel sanctions of the arrogant countries, this headquarter has accomplished great achievements such as rebuilding the country, plus developing its independence, self-sufficiency, and honor over the past three decades. This organization has successfully completed crucial, effective, and pivotal projects in various civil and industrial fields concerning the fields of petroleum, gas and petrochemicals, water, power plants, as well as shore and offshore structures, transportation, mining and mining industries, special buildings, communication and information technologies, agricultural and counseling services, research, and engineering. Besides, it is fully prepared to design and carry out great and complex projects in various regions with different geographical conditions in the shortest possible time and on the basis of the main motto, i.e. speed, quality, and economizing the projects to serve as an example regarding the outstanding achievements regarding the rebuilding the country, and promoting independence, self-sufficiency, and honor of the Islamic Land. In addition, it continues the country’s movement towards creating a modern Islamic civilization and accomplishes the motto “we can”.


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