Background of the Specialized Power Holding

The specialized power holding as one of the affiliated organizations of the Khatam al-Anbiya Construction Headquarter provides sincere services to the Islamic Republic of Iran, and this Holding adheres to the belief in the religious and national values to achieve independence, growth, prosperity, and sustainable development of the country for this and the future generations to come. Besides, this holding takes measures to help construct and rebuild the country, plus to create a healthy environment to conduct business to form the modern Islamic civilization.

Therefore, to promote the resistance and reduce the vulnerability of the country’s economy, this holding considers itself obligated to participate and make effective and constructive interactions with the governments through managing, consulting, designing, investing, procuring, executing, and exploiting the plans and projects inside and outside the country in the following fields:   

Developing the marine and electrical infrastructure of the country as the most important inputs for the prosperity of production;

Participating in the field of agriculture and supplying the food security of the country;

Participating in preserving and protecting the environment and natural resources of the country in accordance with the idea of sustainable management.

We believe that proper execution of the mission of the holding requires the cooperation and synergy of all governmental and private institutions and other elements of society. Thus, we seek to gain the satisfaction of the members of our organization through using the specialized and committed manpower, as well as specialized and unique machinery and equipment, following a quality-oriented approach, and understanding the conditions of the employers.

For the power holding, the competency of its employees and colleagues is measured via their devotion to the values, professional ethics, and financial health as the most important human asset to improve their capabilities and spiritual, scientific, and specialized training, plus to enhance their job satisfaction.