The Significance of the Sea in Iran and the Necessity of Working in this Filed

Following the instructions of Imam Khamenei (May he live a long life) regarding the marine activities to develop the country in all aspects emphasizing issues such as “the access to the international waters, connecting to all four corners of the world via oceans, and defending the country from the sea are among the blessings that the sea has bestowed upon us, which should be borne in mind by the people and authorities”. Besides, to accomplish the strategic motto, i.e. “Sea is the Axis of Development” and his emphasis on developing the coastal road, especially Makran coast, this field should be regarded as one of the most crucial missions of the Headquarter since:

Taking into account that the Islamic Republic enjoys several thousands of kilometers of strategic coastline and its proportionate need due to the developments expected by the government in the country, which requires establishing proper infrastructures, as well as the regional sensitivities concerning economy, policy, and security, it is necessary to establish a value-driven and trustworthy institution, which is specialized in marine fields to accomplish the above-mentioned goals, cut the influence of foreigners, prevent the exit of currency and national assets from the country, and pursue the great goals of the system.

Putting an end to the monopoly of the foreign corporations in executing marine projects, carrying out special projects in this field, and the dependence of the sacred Islamic Republic System in this industry such as developing Shahid Rajaei port, the Great South Pars port, etc.  

High sensitivity, observing the provisions of the passive defense regarding coastlines in southern Iran (especially the Persian Gulf), as well as the unreliability of the foreign corporations. 

Exporting the technical and engineering services and providing services in regard to the marine installations of the waft and port are more significant than other technical and engineering fields in this region, which stabilizes the power of the Revolution in the region more than before. The enormous infrastructural programs such as marine highways in northern Iran (using dredging materials), military and recreational artificial islands in southern Iran, Revolutionary development plan in the field of building the infrastructures for farming aquatic animals in the sea, increasing the capacity of the bulk and processed materials of the iron mines and other mineral products, enormous sea development, developing Makran coasts, expanding the capacity in the field of importing installations, storing phosphate, infrastructural installations, water purification establishments, both in northern and southern Iran and so forth are among the main responsibilities of this complex in the current situation. Taking into account the private sector’s inability to develop in this regard, the model of the strategic reference points of the headquarter strongly recommended to have an active presence in this point since it is the best area to determine the orientations. To put it simply, similar to every other country in the world, the future development of the country and its industries must be developed next to the sea inevitably.

Considering that the stakeholders of the marine projects are not merely one Ministry and executive organization, and disparate Ministries are involved in this issue (Ministry of Road & Urban Development, Ministry of Oil, Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade, Armed Forces, Ministry of Agriculture Jihad, Free Zones, Ministry of Energy, etc.) 

Machines, equipment, exclusive and special naval fleet is the Marine Holding complex such as dredges, jack up barge, ringer, specific installation instruments, specific caisson construction instruments, etc.