Major Perspectives and Strategies

Developing and promoting the technical knowledge and skills of the human capital

Managing and supervising the resources and making every effort to increase the productivity in the organization

Supervising the performance of contractors and suppliers to ensure the commitments of the organization

Promoting and improving technical and engineering services constantly following the in-time delivery approach, as well as enhancing the quality and security

Making commitments and seeking to improve the security of information via observing the regulations and regal requirements, plus client’s requirements pertaining to the information security and quality

Maintaining confidentiality, accessibility, and data integrity to increase the data security

Calculating the risks of assets and determining the plans to deal with them

preserving the environment and observing the environmental requirements of the country

Creating a safe place for the employees and stakeholder groups via observing the legal requirements and regulations concerning the stakeholders in the field of HSSE

Making commitments to prevent pollution and abide by the legal requirements, as well as requirements applicable to the field of environment

Making commitments to prevent injury and diseases, and undertaking to observe the legal requirements, regulations, and other requirements in the field of safety management and job health

Obtaining the maximum satisfaction of the stakeholders