Introduction and Significance of the Specialized Consulting Engineers Holding

Following Principle 147 of the Constitution regarding “the necessity of using the armed forces in every aspect of the projects concerning reconstruction and development”, with respect to the requirements of the country and the main task of the IRGC, i.e., maintaining the achievements of the Islamic Revolution, Khatam al-Anbiya Construction Headquarter started its work in the field of reconstructing and rebuilding the country in 1989-90. Upon its establishment and half of the century after that, this headquarter has been successful in working in the field of reconstructing and rebuilding the country on account of its fast and high-quality execution of the great projects in the civil and rebuilding fields in the country such as the Holy Defense period. With regard to the 20-year perspective of the country and obtaining the Iran-2025 horizon, as a proficient, expert, and capable complex and enjoying specialized, committed, and experienced manpower, this headquarter proved to be capable of executing huge projects. Besides, this headquarters ended the monopoly of the large international contractors in the Middle East and changed the “we can” motto into “we did it”.

The studies suggest that the delays, the considerable increase of costs, the problems pertaining to quality and execution of projects are among the important factors that depend on the design and engineering team of a project. The engineering design plays a vital role in optimizing the time, cost, resources, and method of execution. A proper design and value engineering by the engineering design team of the projects can lead to the successful execution of the projects.