Background of the Specialized Consulting Engineers Holding

From the date of its establishment forward and after half a century the specialized consulting engineers holding of the Khatam al-Anbiya Construction Headquarter has carried out more than 400 successful projects concerning design, supervision, design management, and execution to remove the bottlenecks of threats, localizing the technical and engineering knowledge per the objectives stated by the Supreme Leader regarding resistance economy.

Currently, this complex is managing more than 140 in-progress projects in various consulting engineering fields. This complex has more than 1100 full-time manpower in the field of engineering, it utilizes all standards and state-of-the-art specialized software, experience, and self-confidence acquired during this time, plus it possesses more than 8000 m2 workspace in the design and engineering section in Tehran, and it utilizes the maximum potential of the international and domestic consultants. Given that, this complex is prepared to take on the responsibility of designing the mega-projects of the country for all Ministries, i.e. Oil, Energy, Road and Urban Planning, Defense, Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, Agriculture, Information and Communication Technology, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, municipalities, and governances, as well as carrying out strategic projects such as nuclear projects, uranium and titanium mines, etc. Besides, it can operate as the trustee consulting engineer of this country.

Key Advantages of the Specialized Consulting Engineers Holding

1. Providing comprehensive correspondence

2. Sharing invaluable engineering experiences

3. Increasing the productivity via specialization of corporations and effective management of the resources

4. Causing synergy and integrating the potential of presenting a comprehensive solution to develop the country